Fast Paced Violent ARPG RogueLike co-op Action!

Check below what is awaiting for you

Current Features:

  • Isometric ARPG with RogueLike elements
  • Inspiration from Diablo / DarkSouls
  • Never Ending game. Go as far as you can
  • Online/ Offline Ranking
  • Co-op gameplay for 2 players.(PVP on the way)
  • 4 Classes With Unique set of Skills (Warrior, Wizard, Archer, Generalist )

Unique, Powerful and Dangerous Enemies / Bosses

Fight your way through diverse enemies and bosses, with unique AI! Fight their Elite versions on higher levels!

It's Dangerous to go Alone!

The Maze perils are more fun to play with a Friend! Take advantage of it and Rank Up Together! PVP is going to be present aswell.

It's Time to Face YOUR Maze!

The time has come, go there and reclaim your glory.

The game it's not ready yet, but soon will be out! Sign up for a beta letting your email below: